A Woman’s Touch in Uzhhorod


Oculus Rift/DK1/DK2 - HTC VIVE Samsung Gear VR/Google Daydream Smartphone VR Microsoft Mixed Reality PlayStation VR

Welcome to Uzhhorod, a city in the Carpathian Mountains in western Ukraine. You are in town on business and happen to run into the super sexy VR Porn actress, Mia Trejsi while you are out taking in the sites. You caught her checking out your package, so you offered to spend the day with her and fill any "gaps" that she has in her life. Mia Trejsi is so enamored with your good looks and snazzy suit that she cannot wait to get you home and swallow you whole in this 8K VR Porn! Her excitement is intensified when she discovers that you are an elite FuckPassVR member. The only thing that will tame this lioness is some of that good vitamin D! Put on your Virtual Reality Headset and keep up foreign relations with Mia Trejsi in this FuckPassVR Exclusive Release!

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