Cherry Kiss in “Naughty Office”


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My boss, Cherry Kiss, is Hot AF. I've been working hard to catch her attention and it finally worked. I was doing my planning for next week when she came to my office and shut the door behind her. She told me how much she's been noticing me check her out and tells me how horny it makes her. She wanted my dick in her mouth and fuck are nice and hard until she couldn't take it anymore.When the boss is happy, there is no better life. Cherry Kiss came to my office and told me how much she likes the work I do. She also went with a personal, special project she had in mind just for me. Since she is the boss, I had to make her happy. She wanted me to get undressed, whip out my cock, and stretch her pussy -- and she wants that at least once a week! Who would say 'no' to a hot blonde like Cherry Kiss?

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