Dee Williams, Lauren Phillips, Rachael Cavalli in “Classroom 17”


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Lauren Phillips meets with her student to see why he's been failing her class semester after semester when her colleagues Dee Williams and Rachael Cavalli enter the classroom. They also mention the college boy has been failing and repeating their classes as well. Turns out he can't stop thinking about their big juicy tits and plump asses and has been fantasizing about fucking them ever since he laid eyes on them. The professors throw him a bone and take turns riding his cock right then and there.There are three professors of yours on campus that you would love to fuck. This is why you've been taking their class and failing on purposes so that you can see them every semester. Luckily for you, the MILFs realize what you've been doing and grant your wish. They decide to take turns riding your cock right there in the classroom.

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