Easter Hat-trick


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Time to feel the magic of Easter together with VR Bangers! If you are a fan of our premium VR porn website, you have probably seen our previous VR porn scenes made for this magical time of the year – and in 2022, we are trying to outdo ourselves by releasing our latest threesome VR porn video with this very theme! Easter Hat-trick is our newest parody VR porn movie inside of which you will get to watch some of the mesmerizing magic – the one that will end up giving you some really… interesting outcomes. You will begin this virtual reality porn fantasy by sitting next to two super-hot VR porn performers – skinny VR porn star Spencer Bradley and her colleague, an ebony VR porn talent, Lacey London – who will be running the interview for a magician for the Easter party that you are organizing for the kids from the neighborhood. The point is that the girls will be really bored with everything they have already seen today – and they will not have the best attitude to the magician that has just paid you a visit. The guy will notice that and play a little trick on them – he will use real magic to turn them into hot bunnies who will be out there for you to enjoy. Now you only have to wear your VR goggles to feel the Easter charm of VRBangers.com and fuck both Spencer and Lacey – something tells us that you will have a blast with this black-and-white duo that will be here to make sure to give you a huge orgasm today. And do you know what is the best part of it all? When you will be finished, they will not remember even a single thing! What a win-win situation, isn't it? Fuck yeah!

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