Play Girl stories with Black Widow


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Certainly, the right girl for Play Girl Stories, but only maybe the right name. Black Widow has more than a hit of luxury, a voracious vixen who can catch you in her web of arousal, you might struggle to free your mind from her erotically enticing and exciting mayhem. She’s tits and ass but with a lot more class, Black Widow has a hint of the actress Kristen Scott Thomas about her, but we have performance pussy with our Play Girl Stories that Hollywood can’t match. Widow’s, delicious cunt is always begging for clitoral stimulation, even if she’s Home Alone, with you watching in VR obviously. Let’s have a good look, Black Widow’s elegant legs, they ride all the way up to her peach-like ass cheeks, her lean body can fuck until you drop and she’ll make your cork pop just jerking off to her bean flicking lady wanks. With her glossy lips and shiny blue eyes, she’s ready to blow your cock and your mind. From the tips of her toes to the tips of her nipples, you’ll go Planet of the Apes spanking your monkey. She’s got Stories for you, because she’s a Play Girl. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.

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