Play Girl stories with Silvia Sin


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Just where do we begin? In the global porniverse, every now and then we find a star hotter than the sun, almost like a planet that others shine from. Silvia Sin has everything you can dream of, in a Czech wet dream that is. If you like your porn star’s tall, just look at her sexy long legs. If you love brunettes, then you are in luck, looks like we are going to enjoy fuck after fuck and that’s going to be quite a Play Girl Story. Silvia is a wanker’s dream, she’s got a beautiful face with that unmistakable naughty girl look, a proper badass. But we don’t mean she’s got a badass. Silvia Sin’s ass is one of those moon shapes, like sit on my face type. Crikey, we’ve managed to get the moon, star and sun in the bio already, but just like the sun, she’s smoking hot. Her smouldering hot looks are red-hot, from her smooth silky hair in contrast to her perfectly shaved pussy, you just know she can do tricks with dicks that belong in the circus, blowjobs, rimming, hand jobs, you name it Silvia Sin will make it. She’s got a lot of sex-perience. Her pussy is as you would design it if you were God, her asshole looks like the entrance to the pleasure dome, Silvia ’s tits are just about perfect, she’s just what VR porn was made for. She’s athletic, she can rock a cock until it will pop, she’ll suck your lolly pop until you beg her to stop. All the time that long elegant body will break your will to resist spanking your monkey furiously. And we know she loves a crafty lady wank too, flicking her wet bean is no performance just for the camera, this is a woman who knows her body and you’d love her to blow your trumpet for sure. It’s just as well we get you really close. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.

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