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Your stepsister Claudia Garcia VR is really spoiled and sometimes it bothers the heck out of you. In an effort to get her to take her grades seriously, your parents offered her cash for each good grade. At the end of her college semester, she brags about her windfall and rubs her good fortune in your face. You are not in the mood for her nonsense, you are angry when she calls you into her room. Certain she is going to taunt you with her new purchases, you are shocked to find her in a yellow bra with a matching garter belt. She has a secret crush on you and has been saving her extra money to buy an outfit you will find irresistible. It certainly has your attention and then she bends over and shows off her big full-ass cheeks. One look at her like that and you’re completely over being jealous of her. Now you just want to bury your face in that glorious ass. Not so fast. No one said you got to touch. All you get to do is watch. After all, she is your stepsister and you wouldn’t want to do anything that taboo now would you? Oh wow, your dick seems to like it. Maybe you can sit back and watch while she rubs her pussy. It is better than any VR porn movie from your home collection. But only if you take off your pants. If you like what you see, you can stroke along with her as she strips and rubs her tight little holes. She knows that boys like her, but her own stepbrother? So big and hard, anxious to fuck pink pussy? That is just so filthy, exactly like she loves it. Do you love it enough to shoot your load while she cums on her fingers??

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