Taylor May is the Naughty Babysitter


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Taylor wants to prove to her parents she really is responsible. What better way to do that than pick up a babysitting job? Levi Steele is searching for the right babysitter, but he’s just not convinced Taylor can handle the work.
Taylor just can’t miss out on this opportunity. If she does there’s no telling when she might get another chance at another gig. So, she’s ready and willing to do anything and everything for Levi to make sure she’s hired on.
Taylor wants to take control of the situation quickly, so she gets down on her knees, pulling out that big, thick manhood right away. Levi doesn’t know what to say, but he doesn’t need to say a word. Taylor’s young, delicious mouth has already started to show how all that practice on the boys at school has turned her into a pro. But Taylor knows she really needs to impress if she wants the job.
Pulling her panties down, she slides on top of that big, thick dick and she quickly slides it into her tight womanhood. Hoping up and going reverse cowgirl, she loves to just show off her perky ass as it slides up and down, up and down onto that throbbing member. Every slide seems to get her more and more excited, but she always wants to look down at her man. Show off her perky tits, so she leans in, pushing her breasts together as she climbs on top, taking that throbbing tool deep inside of her.
The only thing left for Taylor to really seal the deal is to make sure Levi is perfectly relaxed with her around, and there’s nothing more relaxing than taking a big, hot load all over her body. Where will she take her babysitting payment? Well, there’s only one way to find out, isn’t there?
So, did Taylor get the babysitting job she is so desperate to receive? Levi is extremely satisfied. There’s a good chance she’ll be asked back to babysit some more, and there’s an even better chance Taylor May will be showing up for her job early again next time. After all, Taylor likes to receive her payments in liquid currency, both before and after the job is done.

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